Prolo Your Pain Away

Two weeks of hunkering over a computer for hours each day left Laura with severe low back pain shooting into her right leg. Josh had such intense pain in his neck after a surfing accident that he could barely get out of bed. Fred had another in a long line of recurring back spasms, this one caused by carrying in the groceries. And Marie—well, she’s been told she just has to learn to live with the pain in her lower back and legs.

Chances are that you have a neck or back pain horror story of your own. These very common flare-ups are like the villain in a scary movie, lurking about and attacking at random moments—or, in some cases, haunting you continuously.

Most people look to the medicine cabinet for pain relief, opting for ibuprofen, aspirin, or prescription painkillers to knock out discomfort. Others try chiropractic care, massage, or acupuncture for relief. In the short term, most of these solutions are okay. But the real goal is to get to the bottom of the pain and stop recurrent attacks before they start. And that’s where prolotherapy comes in. Prolotherapy relieves pain by addressing it at the source: weakness in the ligaments and tendons. The obvious solution is to strengthen these weakened areas, and that is precisely what prolotherapy does.

A slightly irritating solution (dextrose is the most common) along with a mild anesthetic is injected into the region where the ligaments attach to the bones. This causes the body to mount a healing response, and inflammatory chemicals and growth factors begin repairing and reconstructing the affected area. The end result is strong, tight new connective tissue that restores proper alignment. Pressure is removed from the nerves and discs, and pain resolves. Because prolotherapy tackles the underlying cause of chronic pain, its effects are in most cases permanent.

If you have neck, back, sciatic, or knee pain, you should consider a course of prolotherapy. But don’t expect to hear about it from your conventional doctor. Most physicians are far too entrenched in the drug and surgery paradigm to even consider this treatment. Instead, do your own research. You can start by reading prolotherapy testimonials from real Whitaker Wellness patients who are living pain-free lives thanks to this remarkable treatment.

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