How Hyperbaric Oxygen Benefits and Heals the Brain

Sports fans know Joe Namath as the Hall of Fame NFL quarterback with the rocket arm who led the New York Jets to victory in the 1969 Super Bowl. Others remember Broadway Joe, the flamboyant, charismatic playboy who was professional

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease Is Not Inevitable

Is cardiovascular disease inevitable as we grow older? Current trends in this country seem to suggest so. By age 50, almost half of all Americans have some type of cardiovascular disease, as do three-quarters of those in their seventies. And

Fast Healing

Secrets to Fast Healing

A muscle sprain or strain or a bone fracture sidelines everybody, and we all hope for a speedy recovery. For professional athletes, however, it’s more than a desire for rapid healing. Sports injuries and the time it takes to get


Tips to Get Healthy in 2016

It’s no secret that many New Year’s resolutions, however well intentioned, don’t stick. (Just notice the drop in attendance at the gym come March.) We claim we’re too busy to eat right, too tired to exercise, or come up with

healthy holiday

A Simple Tip for a Healthy Holiday Season

The feasting season is upon us. Favorite foods and dishes served only on special occasions are among the holidays most enduring traditions. One of my family’s is cinnamon rolls. My wife Connie gets up at the crack of dawn

Holiday-Themed Remedies

Holiday-Themed Remedies and a Healthy Holiday Recipe

December is in full swing and in honor of the season’s many festivities, I want to share a few fun and helpful holiday-themed remedies with you.

Natural Holiday Health Cure #1: Peppermint for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Candy canes may


Six Tips for More Energy

Feeling tired? Lost your zest for life? It’s pretty common at this time of year. But if the hustle and bustle of the post holiday season is wearing you down, I have some suggestions to help you get more energy

Fasting for Health

For the last 40 years, I’ve advocated a low-glycemic, high-fiber diet; exercise; and targeted nutritional supplements as the foundation of optimal health. Unfortunately, many have allowed salt, sugar, and processed foods to sabotage their diets. The result? Excess weight, poor